Economic life

The most important production plants and factories which operate in the commune are the following:

The meat processing factory is a private business started in the year 2000. At present it has more than 100 employees. The meat products are sold in the village and its surroundings (in Marosvásárhely, Szováta, Székelyudvarhely and Nyárádszereda).

The wool factory

The first wool manufacture was established 35 years ago. It operated as a family business until 1990 and then it developed to a large company called Siltexim. The technology and tools they use are 20 years old on average. There are 12 employees: 10 women and 2 men.

Wood processing workshops

Two wood processing workshops were established after 1989 in the village.

Carpentry is performed in one of the workshops and in the other peeling, slicing, sawing in order to form finished products from the wooden logs. Forestry companies usually employ men. Wood processing has a negative effect on the environment, many trees are cut down. Deforestation leads to soil erosion and landslides.

Besides these we can find bakeries, transport services, fruit and vegetable farms, medicinal herb farms, building enterprises, a car repair workshop, a traditional stone mill, a big flower garden, three brandy breweries/distilleries, several food shops and pubs.

The civil organizations

The civil organizations of Kibéd are the following: the Seprődi János Cultural Association, “Köves Patak - Paraul De Piatra” (Stony Stream) Association, The Montana Association, the Forest Owners’ Association, the “Imrefy” Hunters’ Association, the Silver Ear Association.


Agriculture has played an important role in the lives of the local people for centuries.

The structural composition of the soil is the following:




988,93 ha


362,47 ha

Mowable land

703,96 ha

Arable land

1307,40 ha

Last update: 17.07.2019