Welcome to the website of Kibéd commune

Dear visitors

            I welcome you to the virtual world of Kibéd commune with the love and respect of a host who is expecting guests. This world is also real, thus our aim is to arouse your interest in the past 510 years of Kibéd’s history, its present, natural circumstances and tourist attractions. The local people’s work and willingness to do things have added to the material and intellectual values of our settlement and surroundings. You can get evidence of our results by surfing our website or visiting our village. We set our aims for future developments based on the model of our ancestors’value-preserving behaviour and on open-mindedness.

You can get a better insight into the economic, cultural and sports life of Kibéd, you can get to know the most important developments, investments, the functioning of the cultural-educational institutions, the services of the existing firms/companies in the village and the different civil organizations, initiatives and also the tourist attractions, all above mentioned in a simple, clear way.

            I hope surfing the website will attract you to the place in order to get to know the hospitality of our people.


         With best regards your mayor,

                    Dósa Sándor.

Last update: 13.06.2019